About Us

My Dog Spot is a canine salon, offering a great experience and gentle grooming for you and your pet.

Regular grooming keeps our fur babies healthy and huggable. We are here to help! Our salon-quality shampoos and conditioners and gentle grooming techniques leave your pup looking and feeling great.

-We have a wide selection of shampoos specialized for your dog's specific coat and skin.
-We groom gently. We never force, muzzle, or choke dogs.
-We offer a variety of services, and we offer both package deals and single services.
-We make every effort to get your pet home to you as soon as possible.
-We reserve special times for young, pregnant, sick, and elderly dogs so you can stay if you choose.

Most of all, you know your dog best! We will work with you to help your pet look and feel like a star, and stay that way.

How we work

 You may call, text, or email us at any time to make a reservation for grooming. A confirmed reservation means we will save a space on the day requested.  Your dog will be groomed in turn, or when the fur is dry - sometimes in as little as 30 minutes! We will give you a call as soon as he or she is finished, and you can pick up any time before we close.

-Walk-in appointments are accepted when we have room.
-Later drop-off times can sometimes be accommodated.
-You can reserve specific times if needed for puppies, elderly, sick, or pregnant dogs.
-Single Services and Quick Bath are always available on a walk-in basis.

The Process

The first thing we'll do is to get to know each other! We'll talk about what type of service you want and any special concerns. Then, we'll plan the best experience for your pet. If you're visiting for the first time, we like to see a record of rabies vaccination with the date received and the date of expiration.

Since we call you when your pet is ready, you'll sign into our book with your name and phone number.

If your pup does have to wait, we have solid-side steel kennels with PVC grates. (This keeps everyone's paws to themselves and is a more sanitary option than wire kennels.)

We typically begin your dog's grooming experience with the bath. We have a variety of shampoos, and will find the best match for your dog's skin and coat.  Anal glands are expressed in the bathtub.

Depending on your pet's coat and temperament, we may dry by hand using fast, high-volume air, or by hand with a hot air dryer, or in a kennel using cool air fans. We always groom gently, so if your dog is afraid of dryers we will use the most comfortable method. We bathe when we have dryers free, so our dogs don't have to wait in the kennels while wet.

Our last stage is brushing, hair trimming, and styling. The nail trim and ear cleaning are done at this time as well. 

We will call you as soon as your dog is ready. You can come in for pick up any time before we close! We'll also call if we have any further questions about the style we talked about when you dropped off your pet.

When you come to pick up we'll go over what we did. We'll talk about what you like and whether there's anything you might want to try differently in the future. We also offer bows and cologne for a finishing touch!