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Family: living with dogs, the relationship between kids and dogs and its benefits

The companionship of an animal brings many benefits to a person's life. Anyone who has had a #pet can witness the happiness they bring to a #family.

#Dogs are the favorite pets for many, it isn’t for nothing that people call them "a man's best friend"! Many studies have been done to better understand the strong bonds that can be established between a person and his dog, and it has been proven that this happens because dogs understand human #emotions when they form relationships with their owners.

The loyalty and unconditional love that these animals profess improve people’s quality of life, reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone) and help lower cholesterol levels, a factor that helps reduce cardiovascular diseases. They also diminish loneliness by functioning as a psychological support.

In addition, daily walks with your dog will help you clear your head and get some exercise.

Relationship between dogs and kids

The positive impact of #pets on human health has been widely acknowledged by psychology and ranges from therapeutic to psychosocial aspects. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that children grow up in the company of a pet. So today we will tell you a little bit about this: how the relationship between children and pets could bring a lot of benefits to your children's lives.

First of all, what you need to keep in mind is that a pet is not a toy. When you’re ready to adopt a pet for your children, prepare them first - teach them that a dog or cat or whichever pet you want to adopt for them must be treated well, like family. If this is understood, you can use the company of a pet to teach your children many values.

- The value of responsibility: what tasks can the child take on?

Depending on the age of your kid you can adapt their responsibilities regarding pet care. For example, if your children are too young you can give them easy tasks like refill the dog’s water. As they grow, assign them other tasks. The children will start to associate concepts like “feed” or “take care” and “play” with their pet.

Giving them a pet just to play and have fun will not have as positive of an impact on their lives. Teaching them that they should be involved in the care of their dog or cat will show them that animals have needs and that it is necessary to take care of them. That is the first step to help grow their sense of responsibility.

- Give your children a healthy social and emotional development.

Teaching our children the values they will need to maintain positive interpersonal relationships in the future is one of the most difficult jobs as parents. Giving them a #pet makes it easier for you because compassion and empathy are values that are learned when we teach them how to love and care for animals.

They also help to increase children's self-esteem, which is important for them to accept their mistakes and not give up. This happens because dogs, when they become their companions, are a source of confidence; very nervous or insecure children find the security they lack in their #pets.

Living with dogs is not always easy, especially if you adopt them from a young age since you have to educate them, but it is always worth it! Consider taking your children to dog school along with your dog, so they can also learn how to properly interact with pets. Dogs and kids may find these dynamics very fun and in the process create a stronger bond.

On the other hand, taking care of their health is also important and we can become your allies to take care of the skin and fur of your #pet and because keeping them clean is also essential for the health of our children, especially if they are toddlers. We also know that sometimes it can be difficult with some dogs to groom them as many do not like water or even do not allow their hair to be combed. We can help you with positive training so that these grooming times can serve to reinforce the relationship and are not stressful.

In My Dog Spot Canine Salon we assure you the best #grooming service!

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