• Franco Baldeón

Happy Easter Everyone!

This week we have a very special time to share as a family, which is the Easter holiday. Who doesn’t enjoy this bright day?! We wish you all a very happy Easter! How are you doing with your furry friends at home? Do you already have ideas to spend a nice day with your family and dogs? Well, today we bring you some fun ideas to include your pets in the activities!

- Include your dog in the egg hunt, but remember not to put their treats in plastic eggs as they might not smell them or if they do the plastic might crack and hurt them. And it's also important that you follow your pet around to make sure no one has left any chocolate behind that he or she can eat.

- Cook a meal that you and your dog can share. There are a lot of fun brunch ideas to share with pets!

- Make him his own pet-friendly easter basket. You can look for some Easter-themed treats online or at a local dog store.

- You can also buy or make them bunny ears and some for you and your family, so you can take lots of photos! Or, you can stop by My Dog Spot and take advantage of our Easter photo special.

Enjoy the day and make it nice for your faithful friend. Good wishes for everyone!

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