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When we love our pets we want to give them the best. Choosing the right groomer is sometimes not easy and a bad choice can lead our dogs to stress or even suffer injuries. Yes, going to a dog groomer can be very stressful for our furry friends: different smells, new faces, strange elements... and, in addition, sometimes being separated from their owners for a few hours. This is why it is so important to try to find a good groomer that provides a positive experience.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a dog groomer should not only be specialized in canine esthetics but also have a comprehensive knowledge about pet care, health and welfare and of course a lot of love and respect for animals! So, how to choose a good groomer?


So the first thing you should do is ask your acquaintances that have pets, for references. If this is not possible you can resort to social media or do both at the same time if you can! Nowadays with social media it is very easy to find comments and get an idea about the reputation of certain places. As we all know, reviews don’t always give a complete picture or can even be false or misleading. So what you can do is to check if multiple people mention the same or similar things about their experiences on different platforms.

Another option is that many veterinary clinics include this service, so if you trust your veterinarian, their groomer should also meet the veterinarian’s standards of care. However, you should always meet your groomer and check out their “vibe”.


when choosing a groomer for your dog, it is important to know about their experience and qualifications. In some establishments it is common to find that groomers display their diplomas and certificates; there is no official licensing body for groomers in the United States. Certificates can be issued by private “schools” or workshops given by certain groups or clubs. If you are concerned about the legitimacy or quality of the groomer, talk to them to see if they have pictures where their work is shown. Look for pictures that have the background of the shop in them.

Ask if you are allowed to watch while they do your dog. Ask, but don’t necessarily stay to watch. The idea here is to see if the groomer will take into account your concerns and treat you with respect. Watching can actually make things more difficult, because your dog’s attention will be on returning to you and not working with the groomer and they may become agitated.

Any questions you have should be asked. If he is a good professional the groomer will have no problem answering them and giving you the security you need before leaving your best friend in his hands.


It is not just a matter of whether the place is nice or not, it is about the hygiene with which the groomer receives his clients. No owner should leave their pet in a place where hair and nails are not removed after each job. Wet dog smell is ok, the smell of urine and excrement is not acceptable. See if the groomers are restraining the dogs properly on the table. Fortunately, in many jurisdictions regular inspections are required and they will be looking for things like rust, mold, safety breaches/dangerous practices and general cleanliness. You can check with the local government to see if inspections are done.


It is important that the groomer offers us a kind and individualized treatment, especially to our dog; that our pet is attended in a special way in relation to its needs. The groomer must be patient and affectionate with our dog, as well as provide a pleasant environment. If the groomer seems to not care about what you are saying, or your preferences, that’s a red flag.


services and their cost vary from groomer to groomer and it is important to be sure what is included in the cost of the grooming service. Does it include nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, etc.? What type of shampoos and conditioners are used? If your pet's regular veterinarian recommends a certain shampoo, do you have to provide it? Sometimes the dog has to be seen in person to get a concrete price quote, because it varies on the condition of the coat and temperament of the dog, but if you ask what is included, there will be no surprises when you pick up your dog after your appointment.

This is an important point, that's why at My Dog Spot we have packages of the services we offer, so our clients will choose what they need for their dog.


you should detail not only the final result of the grooming, but also the behavior and mood of your dog. Some experts will not have chemistry with your dog, but don’t be discouraged. Some pets simply need to be exposed a few times before they get comfortable, but if you aren’t seeing progress or if the groomer tries to force a scared or aggressive animal, beware. If this is the case, try another place.

Certainly, this choice makes the difference between going to the groomer being a trauma or just another routine in the daily life of our animals. Just as we care about having good professionals in our lives, they need to have in their "team" a good veterinary staff and a reliable groomer.

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