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Working from home with your dog

In these times of Covid-19, we know that it has not been easy to adapt to the new ways of working during quarantine. For our doggy friends, on the other hand, it has been wonderful because we are at home all day long.

Working from home is still a challenge for many, especially when your pets have become accustomed to being with you for longer periods of time. Although gradually some companies have adopted a partial flexibility mode, the truth is that this new way of working will be with us for longer. And for others, there may be no turning back from home office, who knows? We still have a way to go in this pandemic.

Just like parents with young children, for those who have pets and now have to work from home, it's hard to concentrate when you have a little friend constantly calling for your attention. So how do you manage the home office with a puppy happy to have you home all day?

Today we give you some tips on how you can work from home and keep your pet content.

Create a routine for your dog

Following a specific schedule for walks, feeding time or going out to play will be fundamental for our dog to have stable and calm behavior. Dogs instinctively know when it is their time to eat and when they should ask their owners to go for a walk. Fulfilling their basic needs in an organized way will help you to manage your workday better and your dog will know what to expect.

Exercise your dog daily

One of the first steps to define the time: take your dog for a walk. From there you can organize your workday to include breaks that you can take advantage of to play with your pet before continuing to work. This way the pet does not get bored and does not interrupt to ask for a walk while you are busy.

Going out with your dog to the park to play and take them for a walk is very important for their general health, but you can also take advantage of it so that, when you get home, your dog can rest and you can take on your work tasks.

In addition, taking your dog for a walk will also be beneficial for you. Getting some fresh air, bonding with your pet and walking will help reduce cardiovascular problems and stress. Start this healthy routine for both of you and walk every day with your dog!

Set up a work space

If it is within your possibilities, set up an area of the house, preferably a room, to prevent your dog from entering this area and distracting you. At the beginning it will be difficult for your pet to assimilate this, but with time they will get used to it and will understand in which moments and spaces he will be able to play with you and in which not.

This is even more necessary if you have puppies at home, as you will prevent them from being near your computer cables or with objects they could damage or cause them harm. But if you cannot prepare a room for yourself and you have to work at the dining room table or in a place your dog can access, you must help him understand that he should not get too close.

In case he tends to inspect the trash can, do not throw anything in it that they can swallow. In addition, you should be very careful with erasers, paper clips or adhesive tapes that have fallen on the floor.

If he is an older dog or a quiet one, you can put their bed nearby and keep them busy with his toys, your friend will simply be happy to be close by and won't cause any harm. And puppies shouldn’t be alone for long periods of time or isolated far away. They should get more independent as they mature, meanwhile you can have them closer to you if you can and organize everything for them to be safe around you. If not, try using a pet gate or corral so they can be nearby but safe.

Improve your dog's environment

Take advantage of toys to keep them entertained if your pet is especially playful:

  • Switching out toys: don't give them all the toys at once as they may lose interest in them. Give them one or two toys and change them when you think they are getting bored with them.

  • Chew toys: many dogs like to chew on things. This satisfies their need to chew and calms them down at the same time. So keep a small supply of chew items at home to give your dog when needed. Got a video conference or an important call coming up in a few minutes? Give your dog something to chew on first!

  • Hide and seek: another activity you can do for your pet is to hide toys or treats around the house so that your dog will have fun looking for them, and this is also good for reinforcing their scenting abilities.

Accept that there are moments of distraction

Just as distractions sometimes occur at the office, don't get cranky if it happens at home. Even if you want to improve your productivity, you should also embrace those little moments when your dog distracts you. So it's a good idea to take 10 to 15 minutes every hour, give your dog a cuddle, toss him the ball a couple of times, have a drink or a snack, and keep working. This will help reduce your stress as well, so it's a win-win situation.

This pandemic situation is different not only for us, but also for our dogs, so we must be patient and not take all their behaviors in a negative way. Little by little, by applying these tips that we share with you, you will be able to find a balance between your work and taking care of your dog.

We should neither give in totally to their cuteness and charms nor be too hard on them. In the long run, if we spoil them too much at home, there may be negative consequences in their behavior and they may develop separation anxiety. To teach them limits and good behavior is to give them quality of life!

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